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Wisconsin Climate Divisions

Wisconsin has nine climate divisions. A climate division has been defined by the National Climatic Data Center to be an area of the state that has relatively uniform climate characteristics.

These regions, which were created in 1950, correspond to the Crop Reporting Districts of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and typically have boundaries corresponding to county and state boundaries, except in mountainous states where topographic features are used to determine the boundaries.

Each Wisconsin climate division comprises several counties.

Here you will find divisional climate normals, temperature, and precipitation data.

View Divisional Climate Data

Divisional Climate Normals

View regional climate averages for temperature, precipitation, and snowfall averaged over the 30-year period from 1991 to 2020.

Divisional Temperatures

View regional average temperatures and departures from normal for the last 12 months.

Divisional Precipitation

View regional monthly precipitation totals and departures from normal for the last 12 months.

Divisional Modified Growing Degree Day Units

View regional modified growing degree day units for each year starting in 1895, and download spreadsheets with monthly, seasonal, and multi-year statistics.